Alien Earbuds Offer Wireless Excellence On A Budget

Alien Wireless Earbuds

If you fancy the Apple AirPods, but would rather get a more affordable alternative, then then Alien earbuds by CKCOM may be right up your alley.

They are about to become a reality, thanks to a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign.

In fact, the backers tore through the $20,000 goal, and as of this writing have already raise a bit more than $85,000 with 16 days still left. Needless to say, these high-end earbuds are well and truly on track to be here by December.

Hopefully, well before Christmas.

Indiegogo Alien Wireless Earbuds

Now, truly wireless earbuds that are completely free of wires seem to be in endless supply. But the best ones hover above $200, and you still have to stay above the $150 mark to get your hands on others of comparable quality.

These Alien earbuds, however, can be purchased for just $90, and there is even an early bird special offer of two pairs for $150.

Which makes them all the more alluring.

You get a standard playback time of 4.5 hours here, but this can be topped up six times on the go, thanks to a battery case that can hold 30 hours of charge. For comparison, the AirPods are rated for 5 hours of life, and these are not all that far off when it comes to battery.

These 7g earbuds come with graphene drivers, and a 15m Bluetooth range, along with sweat resistant casings, and single button control for playback and calling.

They also come in three ear tip sizes.

Great stuff, overall.

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