Apple TV 4K Will Automatically adjust content resolution with update tvOS 11.2

Apple TV 4K

Apple is currently preparing tvOS 11.2, and this version of the operating system comes with a fix to one of the most annoying issues in Apple TV 4K.

That of detecting the display resolution, frame rate, and dynamic range capabilities of the screen, and then settings itself to output all content at those specifications — no matter what its native characteristics were.

This was, as you can imagine, very troubling for the users, as it often resulted in less than ideal rendering of the content. Particularly one that was in SDR, as well as 24 fps movies displayed on a 60 fps HDR display. Issues with noise, brightness, and color accuracy were widely reported.

Yes, it was possible to go into the menu and manually select the parameters, but not only was that cumbersome, they were also applied to all content.

Apple TV 4K Match Content

Video enthusiasts were quite upset with this, and it looks like the company has listened.

This video on the Apple Developer website addresses this, confirming that the upcoming tvOS 11.2 will include a new item in the Video and Audio menu called Match Content. Enabling the parameters there will cause the Apple TV 4K to send each title in its native dynamic range and frame rate.

The box will still determine the maximum capabilities of the display to which it is connected.

But at least, we have a solution.

Although tvOS 11.2 was just released in developer beta form, there is no indication yet on when it will be made available to the public. Hopefully, an announcement follows soon, and end users can put this infuriating problem to rest.


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