BluOS Picks Up Dolby Digital Wireless Sound


Time for a firmware update! If you own BluOS powered Bluesound equipment, then you’ll be pleased to know that Dolby Digital Surround has been added to this line of devices.

Canadian developer of the BluOS music operating system and Bluesound, Lenbrook International, announced a major update to the platform in version 2.14, which has now been made available for tablets and smartphones.

This latest iteration enables a number of new capabilities.

And prime among them is the support for 4.1-channel Dolby Digital Surround, which works perfectly well for the Pulse Soundbar and Pulse Sub. This update also adds Deezer Hi-Fi, and further optimizes the music engine.

Several other features have also made the cut, including:

  • Related artist radio and explicit content filter on the Tidal streaming service
  • Featured playlists, popular playlists and purchased tracks on Juke
  • Optical input auto sense for supporting Bluesound players
  • Custom group names for fixed groups
  • Option to disable Bluetooth for commercial applications
  • Input source selection for BluOS-enabled MDC modules for NAD electronics
  • App switching between the BluOS controller and NAD remote apps
  • New language support for Hungarian

Of course, the biggest addition here is support for Dolby Digital Surround, which means owners can easily set up a 4.1 wireless system by adding a pair of wireless Pulse Flex speakers to a Pulse Soundbar and Pulse Sub.

This update requires both a firmware update to hardware and the latest version of the BluOS app, both of which are available here.

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