Cabasse Unveils Swell Portable Speaker

Another swell job! French company Cabasse, known for its premium hardware, has announced Swell, its first portable products that is both swell and premium.

The speakers offer an impressive 10-hours battery life, and come with the latest technologies like aptX Bluetooth 4.0 that allows for what is commonly called CD like sound. You’ll have to hear them to find out, but the Swell has you covered on the hardware side of things.

It houses four speaker drivers — two 8.5cm bass drivers and two 4cm tweeters.

You can play music through its 3.5mm aux port, and you will get 60W of power going through this speaker. Two of these can be paired together to make a 120W stereo system. Which is standard going with many of these portable speaker systems.

Good ones, at least.

Cabasse Swell

This video shows how easy it is to get the party started with Swell:

Cabasse claims this jewel of a speaker will become an integral part of your home décor. While that may be pushing things a bit, there is no doubt this is a really impressive piece of portable technology. Not unlike the Murano Alto that the company unveiled late last month.

The Swell speaker weighs in at 750g, and will be available for purchase in November, with an expected retail price of $229 per.

You can find out more details on this new launch here.

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