IKEA Teams Up With Sonos On Home Sound Experiences

Sonos IKEA Smart Home

IKEA? Looks to be the case. IKEA is taking a journey into sound, as part of its Home Smart project, and has enlisted the help of audio experts at Sonos to accomplish the quest.

The company is not new to the concept of smart homes, as it already launched wireless charging items in 2015, and follow it up with smart lighting in 2016. Now, it promises to launch a range of products dedicated to integrating music into the home sometimes by 2019.

What that means is open to interpretation, however.

We could be treated to a cabinet equipped with Sonos speakers, or perhaps a Sonos lamp?

Everything is up in the air.

Nevertheless, the Swedish furniture retailer seems very excited to make the move to home sound experiences. In the words of Björn Block, business leader of IKEA Home Smart:

“When we asked people, what sound they associate with their homes many people mentioned that it is music that makes a home. We strive to make it even easier for people to play any song, anywhere in the home, without interrupting the flow of daily life.”

Me, personally, associate the chirps of my two budgies with my home, but music works too!

Hopefully, the two companies keep home theater setups in mind with whatever they create. Multiroom audio would do well here too. But considering the fact that the launch of these potential products is so far away, in 2019, we have a lot of wait on our hands before we find out what the deal is.

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