Integra Also Announces Dolby Vision Update

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Hot on the heels of the Dolby Vision update announcement from Onkyo and Pioneer, Integra has also announced a refresh for a number of its current and new AV controllers and receivers.

Catch up on the Onkyo and Pioneer announcement here.

And just like the one for these device, Integra will roll out a new firmware update that will enable passthrough of high dynamic range content encoded in the Dolby Vision format — one of the two main HDR formats on the market right now.

The other being HDR10.

You can find out the complete details here, on the official Integra website.

But a number of models are slated for this update, including the new 11.2-channel DRC-R1 AV controller along with six AV receivers. Namely, the 11.2 channel DRX-R1, the 9.2-channel DRX-7 to go with no less than four 7.2-channel models, the DRX-5, DRX-4, DRX-3, and DRX-2.

Integra DRX-R1

The company will also ship its new “Dot 1” series models in late fall, which will come with support for Dolby Vision out the box.

These are the DRC-R1 AV controller and DRX-R1.1, DRX-7.1, DRX-3.1, DRX-2.1 receivers, as well as the new HDB-RX1 4K HDBase T receiver.

Overall, though, it seems that support for Dolby Vision is picking up at a nice pace in the hardware ecosystem. A long way to go in this format war, still, but these past few months have brought along a lot of action, both on the TVs, and the AV receivers front.

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