MarkAudio-SOTA Unveils Two New Bookshelf Speakers

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MarkAudio-SOTA has introduced two new bookshelf speakers at a recent Rocky Mountain Audio Fest event in Colorado. These are the funkily named Tozzi One and Tozzi Two.

Both these new speakers are wide-band, single-driver designs, which makes them particularly suited for nearfield listening — as in a desktop or small room system. In fact, that seems to be the idea with both these new products that are being made available at reasonably affordable prices.

For the quality they offer, that is.

More details below, right after these words from Dwight Sakuma, the President of MarkAudio-SOTA North America:

“MarkAudio-SOTA is really excited to exhibit our new Tozzi One & Two near-field monitor speakers at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. The highly detailed sound that these speakers offer from their stylish yet discreet profile is sure to impress the younger generation looking for an affordable way into the high-end, audiophile market.”

Impress they will.

Because the entry-level Tozzi One that retails for $445 for the pair uses a single 50mm SOTA 5 all-range driver in a rigid composite enclosure. It comes in three finish options, namely charcoal, pearl, and ruby.

Stepping things up quite a bit is the Tozzi Two, which will run you $1,095 per pair. This premium creation makes use of the 50mm SOTA 5A all-range driver in what the company calls a high-rigidity enclosure milled from solid aerospace-grade aluminum and composite sub-assemblies.

This one is available in a grey or rose finish.

Both the Tozzi speakers are available for purchase now, and you can find out more details on these new launches at the company’s official website by clicking this link.

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