Meet Damson S-Series Wireless Dolby Atmos Speaker System

Damson S-Series

The first modular Dolby Atmos package is here. Damson S-Series is made up of a soundbar, a subwoofer, two cube speakers and a single Atmos unit to make for a respectable package on the budget.

And the fact that it does all this without the clutter of cable is a bonus.

The company actually put up a crowdfunding campaign for these speakers last year, and the video below highlights what you can expect from these powerful packages.

Damson has powered the S-Bar soundbar, S-Woofer sub, two S-Cube speakers and the S-Atmos speaker by its JetStreamNet wireless network that allows users to connect up to eight speakers together, even through walls, as long as they are within a 50m range of each other.

Damson S-Series

The 35-watt S-Cube speakers, that most people will use as rear channels, offer eight hours of battery life when listening as 70% volume, and also come with a 3.5mm input and Bluetooth connectivity. It can run on internal lithium-ion batteries or with the included AC adapters.

The S-Woofer also matches the speakers in connection, but also adds twin HDMI sockets. The 100-watt S-Atmos speaker, on the other hand, simply docks onto the compact soundbar.

You can find out more information about these small and strong speakers here.

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