Meet McIntosh MC1.25KW, 1200-Watt Monoblock Amp

McIntosh MC1.25KW

With an eyewatering price, the McIntosh MC1.25KW balanced power amp is the brand’s most powerful single-chassis monoblock amplifier, directly replacing the MC1.2KW.

It sits below the American brand’s three-piece, 2000-watt MC2KW, with the company claiming that this is an overhaul, redesigned from top to bottom.

Speaking of models, McIntosh has launched several amplifiers since the summer. Including its most powerful integrated model, at 300 watts per channel, and its first hybrid integrated amp. The company’s engineers seem to be on fire!

This dedication also shows in the technology McIntosh has packed in. The MC1.25KW comes with a 50% increase in filter capacity with the aim of improving bass and dynamic performance, along with upgraded circuitry and power transformer.

The addition of McIntosh’s power management system is also in, and this helps turn the amp off when no input signal is detected.

Four newly redesigned, chamfered feet is where the stainless-steel chassis comfortably sits.

As is necessary for an amplifier capable of 1200 watts of power, four heatsinks are placed towards the rear of the chassis. These are connected to output transistors that McIntosh impressively claims can eliminate heat so quickly no warm-up time is required.

The front panel features McIntosh’s signature control knobs and illuminated logo with new LED backlighting that is said to improve appearance and color accuracy. On the back are both the balanced and unbalanced outputs.

McIntosh has priced the MC1.25KW at $12,500 each, and will be shipping it this month in the US, and December in the UK.

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