NAD Unveils C 328 Integrated Amplifier

NAD C 328

Audio enthusiasts rejoice! NAD Electronics has introduced its C 328 integrated amplifier, an affordable and compact component that keeps things simple across the board.

Pun intended.

Set to retail at $549, this new stereo integrated amplifier offers 50 W per channel of continuous power into either 8 ohms or 4 ohms speaker loads. The amp also runs cool, conserves energy, and can fit into tight spaces, thanks to the use of a switch-mode power supply.

Complete with class D output stage.

NAD notes that it has engineered an amplifier topology that provides load-invariant performance that assures consistently linear, and consequently uncolored, performance regardless of the speaker being driven. The company achieved this by making use of a Hypex UcD output stage.

NAD C 328

Enough of the technology, let’s talk hardware specifications!

The C 328 integrated amplifier comes with built-in support for Bluetooth, allowing for easy streaming from a variety of electronic devices. This also makes it easy for you to connect devices like an Amazon Echo Dot to the system.

In terms of physical connections, you get a pair of digital optical inputs, a pair of digital coaxial inputs, a moving magnet phono input, to go with analog stereo RCA inputs. There is also a subwoofer out.

A dedicated headphone amplifier, bass EQ, and an infrared remote seal the deal on this fulfilling little two-channel system, which should be more than enough for users with modest needs. Its affordable price only makes this device all the more appealing.

NAD plans to ship the C 328 in November 2017.

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