New Wireless Floorstanders From Tangent Are Here

Tangent X6 BT

Tangent is here with the addition to its Spectrum range, as the company has announced the X6 BT floorstanding wireless speakers that are available in black or white finishes.

These are powerfully specified, and are reasonably affordable, making them an excellent addition for home theater enthusiasts that want to do away with wires in their setup. On top of that, Tangent has taken care to ensure all manner of connectivity.

More on that, later.

But first a look at the hardware that powers the X6 BT.

You get a wireless design in a master and slave arrangement, which features a 25mm soft fabric dome tweeter and a pair of 13cm doped paper mid and bass drivers. This, the company claims, gives it a claimed frequency response of 50Hz – 20kHz and sensitivity of 90db/W/m.

The master speaker houses two 60-watt amplifiers, along with all the connectivity.

You get stereo RCA and 3.5mm analogue inputs, a stereo RCA phono input with grounding post, and digital coaxial and digital coaxial inputs. The speaker also houses a pre-out for a subwoofer.

The X6 BT derives its wireless connectivity via the popular aptX Bluetooth standard.

Find out more details on this newest launch here on the company’s official website. And if you are ready to order, expect to part with around a thousand dollars per pair to get your hands on the X6 BT.

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