Pro-Ject Expands Phono Range With Digital Friendly Models

Phono Box E BT

The ongoing phono revival just got a bit more interesting with a couple of new budget digital friendly models from Pro-Ject, which bridge the gap between turntables and digital systems.

These USB turntables can both spin albums and record them digitally to a computer or laptop.

The company very recently launched FlexiRange, its new Bluetooth enabled decks that feature digital connections. And now it has followed it up with two new phono stages that come with additional features for integrating a turntable into a digital system.

Phono Box E BT

First of these is the Phono Box E BT, which can stream any input music signal to Bluetooth speakers or headphones at a range of up to 10 meters from the box. These work nicely, even with record players that have a moving magnet cartridge.

On the other end, we have the Optical Box E Phono that has an optical output for playing vinyl or connected sources via a soundbar or soundbase.

Both phono stages make use of the same phono pre-amplification circuitry, and come with RCA inputs and a 3.5mm output. The two devices can also send a signal through the analogue and digital outputs simultaneously.

Housed in black or white, the Phono Box E BT and Optical Box E Phono will be available late November.

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