Tibo Sphere Is A Stylish Multiroom Wireless Speaker System

Tibo Sphere

False advertising? The Tino Sphere speaker system may have sphere in the name, but these speakers are anything but round. The come in a rather appealing box shaped design.

In colorful finishes, at that.

You have red, orange, and green, joining the white and black options, with all colors being easy on the eyes, and matching nicely with the grey.

Moving beyond the design, you have this new range made up of the 30-watt Sphere, as well as the larger 50-watt Sphere 4. These will be joined by Sphere 6 in December, which will offer 80 watts of power. And then there are plans for the Sphere 8 and Bar, both designed for home cinema use.

And offering both power, design, and functionality.

Tibo Sphere

Like most wireless speakers, you have Bluetooth functionality built into these, along with internet radio, and the ability to stream music from services like Spotify, Tidal, and Pandora over WiFi or Ethernet. The Tibo app is the gateway to these services.

Getting back to the hardware side of things, you can group up to 16 Tibo smart products together in a multiroom capacity to either all play the same music, or be controlled individually and play different songs.

Two speakers can also be connected as a stereo pair, with one speaker playing the left channel, and the other, the right.

The Sphere 2, 4, and 6 offer eight hours of playback from a single charge, and also feature a USB socket to charge smartphones.

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