Vivitek Launches HK2288 4K HDR Projector

Vivitek HK2288

2018 is certainly shaping up to be the year of affordable 4K HDR projectors. Even this year has seen several such models launch, and Vivitek HK2288 is here as another reasonably priced option.

It was almost exactly a month ago that BenQ made official their creation.

And now Vivitek has launched its own.

The Vivitek HK2288 houses the newly developed 4K DLP chip from Texas Instruments, which uses 4.15 million mirrors and promises optimal black levels and a wide range of colors from its DarkChip3 and Brilliant Color processing.

The company also claims a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and brightness rating of 2,000-lumen brightness, which makes this Vivitek quite well equipped to make the most of the HDR10 format it supports. On paper, at least, if nothing else. But we should find out soon enough once the reviews come in.

Expect to see three HDMI 2.0 inputs that allow 4K and HDR passthrough from an Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

And as far as set up is concerned, this Vivitek creation is said to have a 1.39-2.09 throw, 1.5x zoom as well as vertical lens shift.

The Vivitek HK2288 is up for purchase this month, just in time for Christmas. Available in white or black, this brilliant new 4K HDR project retails for around $1,699.

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