A lot of people don't understand the very basic concepts of AV Receivers, what they are and how they work. In the section below, we cover all the different areas that are related to understanding more about AV Receivers.

What is an AV Receiver?

Start here if you are new to the concept of an AV Receiver and why you may need one.

AV separates

Sometimes an AV Receiver might not have enough power. Then it might be time to think about separates.

AV receiver features

From Dolby Digital to Dolby Atmos, learn more about the different features of an AV Receiver.

setting up av receiver

Once you get your AV Receiver home, how do you set it up? We’ll walk you through the process.

Home Theater Speakers

Speakers sound different based on the AV Receiver they are paired with. Check out these speakers.

high definition TVs

From HDR to 4k, learn more about the latest high definition TV’s and how they work with your AV Receiver.

streaming services

From Netflix to Hulu and back, we discuss all the different streaming services and how to connect them.

multimedia devices

From your Xbox to your Apple TV, we show you the best way to connect these devices to your AV Receiver.

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av receiver accessories

From HDMI cables to speaker wire, we discuss the best accessories you need for your Receiver.

Ultra HD Movies

In our ULTRA HD movies section, we review some of the newest Blu-Ray and UHD movies available.

AV Receiver deals and discounts

Looking to get an AV Receiver at an amazing discount? We have the right deals and discounts here.

home theater brands

You can sort through our content by brand name. Learn about the best AV Receiver manufacturers.

best av receiver categories

Looking for the best AV Receivers in many different categories? We have that covered in this section.

best av receiver reviews

We have news and reviews of the best AV Receivers on the market today. Head over here for more.

av receiver faqs

Do you have questions about your AV receiver? Well you can ask your questions here in our Q&A section.

AV Receiver Forums

Come share your experiences and learn from each other in our best AV receiver forum section.

AV Receiver Blog

We cover the industry and bring you the most current news and updates about your favorite AV Receiver companies.

AV Receiver Videos

We have a wide array of AV Receiver related videos. We have video reviews, video tutorials and much more.

Recommended Pre-amplifiers

Pre-amplifiers are the next level of dedicated signal processing. These are our favorites.

Recommended Amplifiers

​Amplifiers are the a more refined mode of sound amplification. Check these out!