COVID-19 Making Home Theater More Popular than Before

COVID-19 Making Home Theater More Popular than Before

Nobody could have predicted the outbreak of a pandemic in 2020 but COVID-19 happened and took the world by storm. The closest prediction was from Bill gates a few years ago. He said there will be global pandemic in the future but no one took him seriously.

Now, the world is learning to adjust to new realities. football is played behind closed doors, social distancing is practiced everywhere and a lot of people now work from home. precautionary measures are recited like a mantra everyday, all day

There’s so much publicity around COVID-19. Notably, it has transformed our economy in ways that can only be compared to the Great Depression.┬áMany┬ápeople claim the virus has transformed society more significantly than 9/11. And some people are stuck at home, having to make changes to accommodate the new reality that is COVID-19.

Two decades ago, buying a home theater was considered a great luxury. Back then, the systems were large, bulky, often difficult to use, and undoubtedly expensive. Today’s home theater is an entirely different story.

Today’s audiophile loudspeakers are often narrower, beautifully finished in wood and color, and can be operated by even the simplest of AV receivers.

The sound bar no longer sucks and can easily be paired with a wireless device. Standalone subwoofers now come in smaller forms but can still run very deep and with a strong sound SPL output. The wall speakers can also be fixed behind drywalls, which most people do in their homes with stealth acoustic products combined with a portable subwoofer.

Modern room optimizers are perhaps the biggest players that have changed the game in home theaters since the mid-COVID-19 era. Everything from subwoofers under $1,000, to AV receivers within $500 price range can now correct acoustic problems digitally. This has never been the case with home theaters of the past.

What’s getting better is the most integral part of the home theater dynamic in this new world: content. Content has arguably become one of the excellent features you will find in any unit, but surprisingly very few comments are made about it when compared with the TV.

By streaming music, you’ll have access to every record made (several of them in HD) for just about the normal price of a CD per month. An increasing number of subscription-based streaming sites now offer fantastic 4K content, much better than what cable and satellite televisions offer. Even when you are cord-cutting, you can expect an excellent music and visual programming that serve as high-octane propellant for the AV system.

Most AV companies took a step back when COVID-19 struck. Those who took the decision to buy inventory are now making big sales and it is likely to remain that way in the coming months. It might just be a case of COVID-19 being a blessing in disguise for the AV industry, and home theater makers especially.

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