Affordable SVS Subs Promise Flagship Quality

SVS 4000 Series

Continuing the trend of bringing flagship level quality to lower, more affordable price points, these new SVS subs are part of a new series of subwoofers that offer a lot of bang for the buck.

These neatly designed subwoofers offer technology from the company’s flagship 16-Ultra Series to smaller cabinets — at markedly lower price tags. This new 4000 Series comes with three new models, and replaces the 13-Ultra Series that SVS previously had on store shelves.

All three models feature higher output, and deeper low-frequency extension.

Along with that, advanced control options are provided on all these new models, made possible due to the use of more powerful amplifiers, redesigned drivers, and a digital signal processor. The DSP can actually be controlled via an app available for iOS and Android powered devices.

SVS 4000 Series

First up is the SB-4000 that features a 1200-watt RMS amplifier, and a rated maximum low frequency output of 127 dB. Priced at $1,500 in black ash or $1,600 in gloss black, it comes in a steel mesh grille.

The PB-4000 features a ported cabinet design, and comes with a maximum low frequency output rating of 134 dB. A 1200-watt RMS amplifier with variable port turning is available in this one. It is priced at $1,900 in black ash, or $2,000 in gloss black with a steel mesh grille.

While the PC-4000 rounds up proceedings with a ported cylinder design, which houses a 1000-watt RMS amplifier with three tuning modes. Maximum low frequency output rated at 133 db.

This one is priced at $1,800, with a glass black top, and makes use of the highly effective SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System that SVS has created.

You can find out the complete details and specifications of these new launches here.

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