Cabasse Murano Alto Bring Flagship Quality On The Cheap

Cabasse Murano Alto

French brand Cabasse have clearly defined their goal with the Murano Alto floorstanders. That being to bring the quality and performance of their flagship speakers to a more compact and affordable level.

And they seem to have succeeded with it.

This latest arrival packs the technology and engineering from the company’s spherical, telescope resembling flagship L’Océan and La Sphère speakers into a model that is much more conventional, a lot more compact, and considerably more affordable.

Particularly, keeping in mind the price tags of these two models — L’Océan runs for around $100,000 and La Sphère sets you back at least $175,000.

To that end, the $10,000 investment Murano Alto seems almost reasonable.

Cabasse Murano Alto

The Murano Altos house the BC13 tweeter and midrange driver that powers the L’Océan coaxial driver design. It has been fitted with a new aluminum wave broadcast system, that allows for optimal integration with the bass drivers.

The specially designed 17ND36 bass drivers for these speakers are miniaturized variants of the 55cm honeycomb membrane woofers that the Cabasse developed for La Sphère.

The company sells these floorstanders in pairs, with three glossy finishes on offer.

White, black, or mahogany.

You can find out more details about these here.

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