Deluxe Now Offers Dolby Vision

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In a big development for the HDR standard, Deluxe has officially announced that it is now offering Dolby Vision authoring for UHD Bluray releases. The company was already aboard the HDR10 train.

And with this news, it can now expand its service to include Dolby Vision too.

Deluxe is one of the premier compression and authoring providers in Hollywood, with more than 100 HDR UHD Bluray titles under its belt already.

Dolby Vision meanwhile has been growing steadily, with market research firm Futuresource Consulting predicting the sales of these UHD Bluray players to increase 148% in 2017, while the sales of UHD TVs is also on track to grow by 38% over last year.

Now that Deluxe has the workflow for Dolby Vision authoring, this should result in a notable increase of Dolby Vision titles in the market.

The company revealed this milestone development in a press release, with Deluxe Distribution President Walter Schonfeld talking about this, saying:

“Content providers turn to Deluxe because we have a complete infrastructure to support them in delivering the highest quality entertainment experiences. We’ve collaborated closely with Dolby and leading commercial tool providers Scenarist and Ateme to develop and perfect our workflow—which is backed by the world’s top compression and authoring experts, global facilities covering four time-zones, 99.9% on-time delivery and a worldwide operation that masters more than 4500 UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD SKUs per year. We’re pleased to extend that to now include approved Dolby Vision UHD Blu-ray capability.”

Good stuff.

Deluxe actually already has experience with Dolby Vision, whereby the company delivered Transformers: The Last Knight, one of the first UHD Bluray titles with Dolby Vision HDR, to markedly good success very recently.

We can now expect the company to up its output significantly now that it is officially onboard.

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