Google Play Store Now Offers 4K Content In The UK

Google Play 4K Movies

4K content has been available in Canada and US for some time now, almost a year, but the company is now selling it to users in the UK. A bunch of new releases are up for grabs in the store now.

This means that those with a Google Chromecast Ultra streaming stick that is connected to a 4K TV, or with a compatible Android TV, will be able to purchase 4K titles from the Google Play Store. Minimum internet speed for playback in the high resolution is 15 Mbps.

Interestingly, a search for 4K and 4K movies within the store does not list the Ultra HD titles.

But hopefully that changes soon.

On the flipside, while a UHD version of a movie costs more than the HD equivalent, the premium is not huge or anything. Most of these 4K movies cost £13.99, which is not all that different than the £9.99 the regular releases cost.

And while Google has not matched the generosity of Apple, in how it has upgraded previous films bought from its iTunes Store to 4K and HDR, but the newly purchased films on both services are similarly priced.

The company offers information on HDR on its support page, and while the information listed is specifically for American and Canadian users, UK users probably will not have to wait much longer.

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