Amazon Prime Video Comes To Apple TV

First there was smoke, now there’s fire. The feud between Amazon and Google has escalated, leading to the retail giant bringing its Prime Video service to Apple TV.

As a result of this fallout, the Amazon Prime Video app is finally available for download on third-generation or later Apple TV devices. It is yet to be pushed to the front page of the tvOS App Store as of this writing, but can be found quickly enough via simple search.

This remarkable development could also mean that we may see Apple TV return to Amazon.

The company had previously said that it would not be selling the streaming box until the app was available on it, so as not to leave buyers disappointed when finding out that they can not watch Prime Video on the Apple TV.

Not anymore!

However, things are still stingy between Amazon and Google.

Google, in its infinite wisdom, recently decided to pull YouTube off the touchscreen based Echo Show, citing a violation of its terms of service. Perhaps it had something to do with Amazon refusing to list the Google Chromecast products on its website. Perhaps not.

Regardless, the search engine giant also plans to take YouTube off of Amazon Fire devices, having confirmed that the service will be unavailable from January next year.

Whether both companies sit down to discuss all this remains to be see, but at the end of the day, it is the customers that have to endure the consequences of the two technology giants throwing their weight around.

At the very least, Apple TV users seem to have gotten a good deal out of it.

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