Keep Your Vinyl Healthy With The New Pro-Ject Record Cleaner

Pro-Ject VC-S MK II

Taking care of the records is important for every vinyl fan, but this is something easier said than done. Debris build up on your disc means that your music will not sound as pristine as it should.

Luckily, good help is at hand.

Pro-Ject has just unveiled the VC-S MK II, which the company says is an upgrade to the original VC-S record-cleaning machine that hit the market last year. There still are a few similarities between the two, but on the whole, this new model offers both improved features and better performance.

For starters, the vacuum technology remains the same, meaning a record can be dried in two rotations.

However, the company has replaced the motor by a lower-noise variant that is also capable of dual-directional rotation. This allows for deeper cleaning.

Another element that has seen a redesign is the stainless-steel clamp, which Pro-Ject says allows for a more reliable fastening to the spindle. The company also managed to improve the plastic flange with additional internal sealing.

This ensures a smoother adjustment of the vacuum arm.

Of course, the Wash-IT liquid is what is doing the actual cleaning. This Pro-Ject creation is capable of cleaning 1500 records once it has been diluted with water. The company has designed this fluid to evaporate without leaving any residue on the record.

This ensures that your sound quality stays safe and practically untouched.

The Pro-Ject VC-S MK II is available now.

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